When it comes to financing a car your most important credential may be your credit. Your credit rating will in part determine not only the length and rate you qualify for, but could also prevent you from buying the car you want.

There are two credit insurance products available that could prove invaluable with regards to your all important credit rating.

Credit Life Insurance provides for the protected loan to be paid in full, so that no further obligation exists. The vehicle is then awarded to a named beneficiary, along with a free and clear title. This means that a family member could be left with a valuable asset rather than a liability.

Credit Disability Insurance is a product that will actually make you car payments for you. In the event that you are sick or injured and can’t go to work for as little as 14 days, disability insurance will then begin making your car payments for you, and keep making them until you can go back to work or all your payments have been made.

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