Auto Financing Made Simple

Watch a 3 minute video which explains the complete set of options when it comes to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, and elaborates on the pros and cons of financing vs leasing. Here at MrFinanceBC we make this process very comfortable for our clients, with a no pressure approach, the [...]

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Interest Rates and Terms When Financing a Car

I assume this is a topic everyone is interested in, and always wants to know before sitting down in the finance office and trying to get a car loan approved by the business manager. It is not as easy to respond to tho, and that is mainly because banks attach [...]

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Could Financing a Car Rebuild Your Credit?

Getting a car loan can be a good way to rebuild your credit if it has been damaged due to late or missed payments, bankruptcy, or other factors that affect credit ratings. Bad credit car loans, if paid on time and as agreed, can be used to improve credit and [...]

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We do Car Loans, and build relationships

We build on relationships. You might have checked a few other places out before coming across our organization, but now you need to realize some companies will look at your application in dollar terms and profits, whereas we will respect you like a person who is trying to simply get [...]

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Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad Credit Auto Loan – Bad Credit? We can help. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that if you have bad credit or no credit, as in some history of late payments or such, that you can’t get a car loan. What we’re here to tell you is [...]

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Special Finance Auto Loans

Special Financing Loans At MrFinance your credit score is not what is important to us. Who you are is what is important! Overcoming Bad credit can be hard and very frustrating task.We understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  That is why we specialize in helping people like you  that  have at one time or [...]

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Credit Insurance when Financing a Car

When it comes to financing a car your most important credential may be your credit. Your credit rating will in part determine not only the length and rate you qualify for, but could also prevent you from buying the car you want. There are two credit insurance products available that [...]

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Interest Rates on Auto Loans

Ever since the recent bump in the economy, banks and lenders in general have been more careful about who they are giving their money to. Well after all the recession we had in 2008 was caused partly by irresponsible lending where consumers were taking on loans that were perhaps too [...]

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Car Financing BC

How to go about getting your next vehicle financed in BC There are many places where you can drop in and have a look at cars, trucks, suvs or vans. Variety of selection and each dealer offers something slightly different, but as far as the vehicle goes, you can do [...]

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