How to go about getting your next vehicle financed in BC

There are many places where you can drop in and have a look at cars, trucks, suvs or vans. Variety of selection and each dealer offers something slightly different, but as far as the vehicle goes, you can do your homework ahead of time online, read reviews on different models, compare fuel efficiency, safety ratings, and similar other features and benefits, and narrow down your choices. Then look at the different options in that model and select a few cars that have the price, mileage, and condition that you seek. But it’s not as complicated as it sounds, whereas getting a car loan at some dealers or banks may be. but not with Mr Finance BC, we are as transparent as you can be, and live by this high standard of honesty and integrity. We deal with a lot of lenders and also have our money to lend out, which almost guarantees that we can help you finance your next car for you.

We believe that if you have a job, then you have credit with us. We understand that sometimes we make some bad choices which could hurt our credit history, and we actually help you to work towards rebuilding your credit, and having the high credit rating that you desire. Financing a car is a little different than getting a personal loan, because the lenders look at the value of the car you are buying as well as the resale value of your car a few years down the road. So we do have a little bargaining power to get you a reasonable interest rate.

Let us help you through the process of car financing and we guarantee that you will like the way we do business. we are professionals who have lots of experience in this industry and we take advantage of our relationship with the lenders to negotiate on your behalf and work out the payments that match your budget. Purchasing and financing a vehicle does not need to be a headache, it can be very convenient, all you have to do is deal with us and us only. This way we know you are serious about the inquiry and dedicate our time to getting that car loan that you need to buy the vehicle of your dreams. Let Mr Finance BC help make this experience comfortable.